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ALL OVER SHAPER - A girdle body suit with long legs that firms and shapes the breast, stomach, thighs and hips. This long leg body suit also called a body girdle.


BODY BRIFER - This body shaper is usually associated with body suits that have a hook and eye gusset crotch closure. This tummy trimmer body suit was the original undergarment from Body Wraps.It shapes from the bust to the waist.


BODY SHAPERS - This is a term used for all womens girdles that offer tummy control. These bodyslimmers are usually considered as foundation garments.


BODY WRAP SHAPEWEAR - Body Wrap is one of the few manufacturers that make seamless girdle body shapers. All their womens girdles have tummy control .


BODYSUITS - This body slimmer is a one piece leotard that covers from the shoulder to the crotch. Body Wrap Shapewear was one of the first companies to offer a waist trimmer body suit in womens undergarments.


CAPRI LEGGINGS - These body slimmers shape from the tummy to the mid calfs. These slimming shapers are worn under pants or long slinky dresses. The slimming shapers are a recent new category in shape wear undergarments.


CONTROL BRIEF - This panty is shaped like a brief and is a tummy body slimmer. This foundation garment is also called a tummy trimmer. Long leg control briefs are very popular as a shaper.


CONTROL PANTY - This panty is a slimming shaper that supports the tummy and is a firm control girdle. The Body Wrap long leg panty offers firm control for the stomach, hips, and thighs.


CORSET - The corset is a tight fitting undergarment used by women for centuries to give an hourglass shape. Girdles and corsets have given way to the more comfortable shape wear of today.


FIRM CONTROL - This term refers to girdles, waist cinchers, tummy tuckers, compression garments, tummy trimmers, waist trimmers, and all undergarments considered a body shaper. They shape your body with firm control.


GIRDLE - Today this is usually called shapewear, body shapers, body slimmers, slimming shapers or compression garments because the lightweight fabrics used in the manufacturing of these girdles. This is NOT your mothers girdle!


GUSSET - The rectangular closure piece sewn into the crotch area of a bodysuit, body briefer, or long leg body shaper. It is usually a hook and eye closure, but it could be a cross-over fabric flap that is used on Body Wraps long leg body suits.


HIGH WAIST CAPRI LEGGINGS - This firm control body shaper extendes from the bottom of the bra area to mid-calf. The newest "pant liner" in the Body Wrap Shapewear family of shapers, this capri provides an exceptional slimming effect for tummy, hips and thighs.


HIGH WAIST LONG LEG PANTY - This panty shaper has tummy control, plus a thigh shaper to firm and shape from the waist to the thighs. The seamless high waist long leg panty is the perfect body slimmer for the tummy and thighs.


HIP SHAPERS - The most popular body slimmers include shaping of the hips. These would include the long leg panties, the high waist long leg panty, and the high waist capri leggings body shaper.


HOOK AND EYE - This closure is used in shape wear to allow for adjustability. It is a fastener that includes a small hook secured to one side of the crotch in the bodysuit that grasps a small oval attached to the other side of the bodysuit. The Bodywrap bodysuits have three hook and eye positions on their body briefers.


LEG SHAPERS - This is usually considered capri leggings that firm and shape the legs, calfs, hips, and tummy. This shaper is worn under pants and long slinky dresses.


LONG LEG BODYSUIT - The Body Wrap long leg body suit is simply a shape wear body suit with long legs. This shaper is a tummy trimmer and also considered a compression garment. This body girdle also is available in plus size shapewear.


LONG LEG PANTY - The long leg panty undergarments firm and shape the tummy and thighs. Body Wrap Shapewear not only offers a long leg panty, but also a high waist long leg panty bodyshaper that shapes from the thighs to the bottom of the bra area.


PLUS SIZE BODY SHAPERS - These body girdles are excellent body slimmers for the larger women. They include waist cinchers, body suits, foundation garments, body briefers, and some of the other plus size girdles.


PLUS SIZE GIRDLES - A plus size girdle is for a full figure woman. All body suits, long leg panties, compression garments, slimming undergarments, and foundation garments are usually available in a plus size girdle.


PLUS SIZE SHAPEWEAR - Body Wrap Shapewear offers most all of their body shapers in larger sizes for full figure women. These plus size body shapers are lightweight, but have firm tummy control.


SEAMLESS - All of the shape wear that Body Wrap manufactures are lightweight an seamless. A seamless body shaper is one of the few items in foundation garments that insure that there are no panty lines showing.


SHAPERS - This generic term is used to describe a long list of slimming undergarments such as body briefers, bodysuits, corsets, waist cinchers, girdles, bridal undergarments, capri leggings, thong body suits, body girdles, compression garments, and just about all of the shape wear body shaper undergarment family of slimming shapers.


SHAPE ENHANCER - A body shaper that shapes the waist with tummy control. Most of these bodyslimmers are usually a bodysuit, body briefer, or body girdle. A thong bodysuit also is a body slimmer shape enhancer.


SHAPEWEAR - The Body Wrap Shapewear was one of the first companies to make seamless shapewear. Their seamless modern girdles include regular bodysuits, long leg bodysuits, and a thong bodysuit. Their bodyshapers include a regular long leg panty and a high waist long leg panty. They have also added a high waist capri legging body slimmer along with the regular capri legging bodyshaper.


THIGH SHAPERS - This body slimmer is usually a long leg panty girdle or capri leggings that firm and shape a womans thighs. The long leg bodysuit also can be considered as a thigh shaper.


THONG BODYSUITS - This slimming shaper is a body suit with a thong back. The thong back has a thin strip of fabric resting between the buttocks, which exposes this area. The thong bodysuit is a great tummy trimmer for tummy control shaping. Thong bodysuits are great if your rear does not need any shaping help.


TUMMY SHAPERS - Almost all of the Body Wrap Shapewear body shapers are considered tummy shapers.


 UNDERGARMENTS - These are garments worn under clothing. All body slimmers, shape wear, waist cinchers, and bodysuit shapers are considered to be undergarments.


UNDERWIRE BODYSUIT - These are bodysuits that have a bra with sewn in molded wiring that runs underneath the breasts in each bra cup. Body Wraps makes an underwire body suit body briefer and also an underwire body suit with long legs. The also offer these underwire bodysuits in a plus size body shaper.


WAIST NIPPER - These bodyshapers offer tummy control to obtain an hourglass shape. Many shape wear foundation garments are considered waist nippers. The most popular waist nippers are long leg panties, body suits, corsets, thong bodysuits, and the high waist long leg panty.


WAIST SHAPER - Most slimming shapers offer tummy control and are considered waist shapers. Waist shapers are offered in panty girdles, capri leggings, body suits, plus size girdles, and plus size shapewear.


WICKING This is a term used to describe a fabrics ability to pull moisture away from the skin. This is important to have in the crotch of a bodysuit, long leg panty, capri legging, high waist long leg panty, and a high waist capri bodyshaper. Body Wrap Shapewear uses a purifil-lined crotch in their body shapers, which releases humidity quickly providing ultimate freshness and hygiene.

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