Shapewear?  Is that an invisible girdle?
What is a
body shaper?


waist cincher

panty girdle

foundation garment

compression garment

tummy trimmer

body slimmer



or just call it an   

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Body Wrap™ undergarment glossary

    A girdle body suit with long legs that firms and shapes the breast, stomach, thighs and hips.
    This long leg body suit also called a body girdle.
    This body shaper is usually associated with body suits that have a hook-and-eye gusset
    crotch closure. This tummy trimmer body suit was the original seamless undergarment
    from Body Wrap™, designed to smooth your lines from the bust to the thighs
    This firm control body shaper extendes from the bottom of the bra area to mid-calf.
    The newest "pant liner" in the Body Wrap Shapewear family of shapers, this capri
    provides an exceptional slimming effect for tummy, hips and thighs.
    This is a term used to describe a fabrics ability to pull moisture away from the skin.
    This is important to have in the crotch of a bodysuit, long leg panty, capri legging,
    high waist long leg panty, and a high waist capri bodyshaper. Our Body Wrap™
    Shapewear uses a purifil-lined crotch in all their body shapers, which releases
    humidity quickly providing ultimate freshness and hygiene.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
about Body Wrap™ slimming bodysuits.

1.  Shapewear?  Is that an invisible girdle?

These seamless undergarments may seem like they are invisible, compared to what your mother used to wear to hide the bumps and bulges. Since these firm shaping undergarments are lightweight , seamless, and comfortable to wear, you forget that you are wearing one. It is invisible to anyone looking at you because these seamless undergarments leave no panty lines, unlike the heavier and stiffer rubber-strapped girdle of yesteryear. This is not your mother's girdle!

2.  What are bodyshapers made out of?

All Christina America undergarments are manufactured
in North America (Canada) and made exclusively of
virgin nylon microfibre (75%) and Spandex™ (25%).

In addition to the Manufacturer's own quality control,
we also inspect each and every item before we ship,
to insure there are zero defects or blemishes in your

3.  Does offer Free Shipping?

Sorry, no. We DO offer you our best possible Shipping Deal -
$7.00 flat rate First Class. (per shipment, NOT per item!).
We have not increased our shipping rate one cent since 1999!

$26.00 flat rate for all International orders.
$29.00 flat rate for Express Mail ($7.00 + $26.00)

Never a delay because everything we offer is

Always shipped in a discrete plain postal box
six days per week.

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